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Downtown Smile Design
James C. Feng DDS
350 S. Figueroa St. Suite 551
Los Angeles, CA 90071
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What to Ask the Doctors?  These are good questions for knowledge to have. 

The current best cosmetic material is porcelain.  The technology of dental porcelain has advanced over the years where nowadays porcelain veneers looks almost just like natural enamel.  See photo gallery under COSMETIC DENTISTRY.  Many people who you see in magazines may have porcelain veneers on their teeth.  They are very natural looking and at the same time, doesn't require much removal of your tooth structure.  The cost of veneers are typically high because they are very technical to do.  Part of that cost is also a laboratory cost that the dentist needs to pay.  Most dentists are willing to give prospective patients a free consultation to offer a customized package within a budget.  Most smile makeovers involve veneers and can be done as quickly as 2-3 weeks.

For crowns, the best material which is also most bio-compatible is now porcelain-fused-to-zirconia.  Zirconium Oxide when treated becomes an extremely hard substance used for a crowns substructure that was traditionally and typically metallic.  Zirconia, being a white material, when combined with porcelain, yield a strong yet natural looking crown.  Did I mention it's bio-compatible?  People actually report feeling healthier when their old metallic crowns are replaced with these.

Dental Implants is the currently the best option when replacing a missing tooth although the  standard of care may still be a dental bridge or fixed denture.  The benefit of dental implant is that can be long-lasting, healthy, and ultra-conservative.  Conservation means NOT shaping adjacent teeth to fit a bridge.  Dental implants can stand alone by themselves.  They are made of titanium because titanium has been known to be bio-compatible.  The body actually produce bone cells that bind the implant body.  Once that occurs, which may take up to 4 months, a tooth can be installed onto it without loosening. 

Healthy Dentistry means using materials that are more compatible with the body.  Although still contraversial, dental amalgams are being used less and less.  In some countries, they are no longer used.  Ask your doctor what materials are being used in restoring your teeth and make sure you are given different choices.  You need to watch your budget as some materials may be more bio-compatible but cost significantly more.  For example, to upgrade from an amalgam/silver filling to a white composite resin filling is a small cost difference.  However, to upgrade to a porcelain restoration such as inlays or onlays, it's a larger cost difference. 

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  • Zirconium Crowns
  • Healthy Dentistry--Alternatives to Silver/Mercury fillings

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Reflection Dental
Kenvis Ngow & Kathleen Lee, DDS
21220 Golden Springs Dr.
Diamond Bar, CA 91789

Signature Dental Group
Fiona Chan, DDS
121 W. Foothill Blvd, 'E'
Upland, CA 91786

Office of Dr. Jason Lee
Jason Lee, DDS
2200 E. Fruit St. Ste 206
Santa Ana, CA 92701

As a model and actress, my appearance is everything to me.  I was unhappy with my smile and I believe that your smile and teeth are your most important features.  After doing extensive research to locate the best cosmetic dentist, my search led me to Dr. Feng.  I was not... (read full review)
Just a brief note in appreciation for the cosmetic dentistry you did so beautifully throughout the last month.  I came to you quite by accident and could not have been happier than the great care, aesthetically and otherwise, you gave me.
I thank you deeply for the superb work you have done to adjust Amadea's teeth.  As an art professional, I dare say that what you have done is clearly a work of art.  With deep regards and appreciation,
The new front teeth look absolutely outstanding!!! I love them!!!  I don't know how you got them to be so nice but I'm so glad that you did.  You should feel really good about what you've done for my teeth.  I can't want to get the front bottoms done. 
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